Insurance is a highly regulated industry and, although there has been considerable discussion of potential federal oversight of certain aspects of insurance, the regulation of insurance has traditionally been – and continues to be – the purview of the States.

State insurance trade associations have been established in most jurisdictions, providing a forum for members of the industry doing business in those jurisdictions to have an industry resource and, in many instances, a “spokesperson.” The Federation is the only state insurance trade association representing all lines of coverage in the District of Columbia, although there are a number of groups representing specific segments of the industry in DC. The DCIF monitors laws and regulations that may impact members of the DC insurance community. While the primary focus would be insurance specific legislation and regulation, the DISB also tracks business and economic development proposals, tax laws, public safety, building codes, and a wide variety of issues which have the potential of affecting members of the insurance industry.

It is important that laws are fair and reasonable for insurance companies, agents, and brokers, as well as for the consumers they are designed to protect. Regulation is necessary to ensure that insurance companies are financially sound and provide appropriate consumer protections. To that end, insurance regulation provides both a sense of security and confidence consumers need when they purchase insurance.

This information is designed to inform our Members and the general public to understand how insurance affects residents of Washington, DC. We invite the public to find out more about who we are and what we do. We look forward to receiving your comments about insurance companies and your concerns about the insurance industry in the District of Columbia. For further information, please contact us at our administrative offices.

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